Professional Certification in electrolysis and why it is important

It is imperative to ascertain the ability of your electrologist before subjecting yourself to an electrolysis treatment. This method, done by inserting a fine needle probe into the hair follicle and sending a current to destroy the follicle, could be ineffective in providing permanent hair removal if done incorrectly. Not to mention the fact that an incorrect procedure might give you permanent scarring on your skin!

What’s a Professional certification and why is it important?

To help ascertain the fact that the electrologist you visit is a professional, it is important to enquire their about certifications. But what’s a certification? Quite simply – a certification of your electrologist shows that their knowledge of the process of hair removal has been measured against a national standard of excellence. Which, in the lay man’s terms, means that they’re good to go!

Many States mandate that electrologists have a license or a certification before they can preform electrolysis. If you live in a State without such a requirement, it will be smart to ask the electrologist about professional certification from an accredited school (if not an association).

The Correct procedure

The effectiveness of the electrolysis depends greatly on the skill of the electrologist. There are three phases of hair growth (anagen, catagen and telagen), and electrolysis is most effective when done during the anagen (growing) phase. A skilled electrologist will schedule your sessions so as to be able to operate on the hair during your anagen phase, which in turn will lead to a complete permanent hair removal.

In some cases, the hair follicle may have been deformed by prior attempts at hair removal. Electrolysis becomes extremely difficult in this situation but a professional will be able to deal with the situation effectively. Similarly, the number of treatments and the volt of current administered depend greatly on various factors such as skin type, pain tolerance, etc. An experienced electrologist will be able to assess the situation accurately and determine the treatment parameters for you accordingly.

Cleanliness: An important difference between a professional and a fake

Hygiene is of great importance in this field. An electrologist working with needles that penetrate the skin of many clients can endanger the health of many others, if their facility is not kept clean. Infections, ranging from mild rashes to severe abscesses, can result from the use of unclean equipment. A professional electrologist will follow stringent rules to ensure the health of clients, and will always have adequate sterilizing equipment in their clinics. Professionals also always use gloves when working on a client, as well as make use of disposable needles for their procedures.

When in doubt, Ask questions

A certified electrologist is always willing to answer any questions posed by their clients regarding the electrolysis and sterilization procedures. You’re also encouraged to visit the clinics of various professionals before narrowing down to one specific clinic. This will allow you to experience first-hand the cleanliness and the professionalism of the electrologist. They should be able to assess your situation accurately and provide you with a clear description of the process that should be followed.

Don’t be duped

Getting duped by fake practitioners is an unfortunate, and very real, possibility. The American Electrology Association (AEA) states, There are many salons and other businesses that advertise as “electrologist” or “permanent hair removal” but instead offer temporary hair removal or hair reduction. The only method that offers permanent hair removal is “needle electrolysis,” so ask if that specific service is provided. Look for AEA membership as all AEA members perform true needle electrolysis.”


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