Electrolysis vs Laser Hair removal for men

Men care more about their appearance than ever before. Showering with soap and water used to be enough but for today’s man that’s just not the case. Over the past few decades, numerous types of body hair removal have been developed or modernized, with a majority of them being only temporary. But we do have hair removal methods like laser and electrolysis which provide permanent hair removal.

And today, we’ll discuss – Electrolysis or Laser?

An Overview


This method for hair removal works by inserting a needle that reaches the hair follicle (the very root of a strand of hair) which then sends an electrical pulse into it.This causes the follicle to simply die. This process has to be done for each strand of hair, so this means it’s not something that can be completed in 1 or 2 sittings. Expect to have dozens of appointments to complete the process of hair removal for your entire body.


This method employs light emitted in pulses which is focused on the hair on your skin. This light heats the melanin in the hair and cause it to burn. This burning, in turn, causes the hair follicle to stop growing. The pain associated with every laser sting (and there are numerous in one sitting) has been likened to that of a rubber banding snapping on one’s skin.


What Are Their Draw Backs?

Laser treatment, as already mentioned, works by burning melanin. Now, the presence of melanin is what gives your skin and hair a dark color. And since laser treatment works best on dark and coarse hair, it is not very effective on people with lighter shades of hair, or thin hair.

Ironically, even though laser treatment works best on dark and coarse hair, it can also end up burning darker skin due to the presence of melanin in the skin. One also has to take care to protect their eyes from the intensity of the laser beams, which can prove to be dangerous if exposed to similar delicate parts of the body.

On the other hand, electrolysis works evenly on all skin and hair types. Its biggest drawback is that since it’s an in-depth procedure, it’s time consuming. This is why most men just prefer hair removal over small regions via electrolysis.


Can You Get Rid Of Hair Forever With These Methods?

You see, electrolysis destroys the root of the hair, thereby preventing hair growth permanently. Laser burns the hair strand and prevent the hair follicle from growing hair, but since the hair follicle still exists, it has a higher chance of growing back and sprouting new hair.

The American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery says in regards to laser hair removal-
It is rare to see 100% total clearance of all treated hairs in this area. In general, patients need to understand that the purpose of treatment is to decrease the amount and thickness of hair in the treated sites. Younger treated patients must also understand that they will continue to grow “new” hairs for decades. Thus periodic re-treatments will be required.


Here Are More Reasons Why Electrolysis Is Better Than Laser Hair Removal

As explained above, the effectiveness of laser hair removal depends upon one’s skin and hair color. But if electrolysis is conducted by a professional, it can provide complete hair removal, as the effectiveness of this method is only dependent on the knowledge and experience of the practitioner. A professional will understand the importance of phases of hair growth and will know when to schedule sessions for maximum effectiveness.

Another reason to avoid laser hair removal is because of the fact that it can cause blistering, hyper-pigmentation, swelling, redness based on the reaction of the skin to the treatment. However, with regards to electrolysis, the FDA says, “Risks from these methods include infection from an unsterile needle and scarring from improper technique.” Both these risks can be mitigated if the process is conducted by a professional.

Electrolysis has been used as a method for permanent hair removal since 1875. Over the past century, the effect of electrolysis on different skin types has been well researched and the equipment used has also been improved tremendously. While the equipment of the past used to apply current for long durations, modern equipment works by providing short bursts of current whose intensity can be modulated. The ubiquity of the power of the computer has pervaded this field, and has made the process considerably faster and more comfortable.

Today, anyone wishing to undergo electrolysis hair removal can be assured that the procedure they’re going to undergo is 100% safe, if of course, they visit a professionally accredited electrologist.



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