Electrolysis: Price v/s The Competition in Duluth, MN

Men and women alike have become increasingly conscious about their personal appearances, and today’s beauty standards dictate that excess hair is a big no-no. Thanks to advancement in modern technology, many options have been created to remedy this. Today, people can choose from shaving, waxing, laser hair removal and electrolysis to get rid of their body hair. But for those who didn’t know, electrolysis is the only option that has proven to provide permanent hair removal.

What’s the Cost of electrolysis?

The cheapest electrolysis procedure starts at $30 for each session and may hover around $100 per session (depending on where the clinic is and whether or not your electrologist is certified). The cost also changes depending on the length of each session, which in turn is dependent on the portion of your body you want to be hairless. For example, getting rid of hairs on your underarms will prove to be considerably less expensive than getting rid of the hair on your legs. At realself.com, people reported the average cost of electrolysis as $600, and as already stated, this amount can increase or decrease drastically depending on the size of the area being worked upon.

Coming back to the location of the clinic, the average Chicago clinic lists its rates ranging from $30 for 15 minutes to $90 for a 60 minute session, while the average clinic in New York offers rates from $49 for 15 minutes to $129 for 60 minutes. These prices are simlar for electrolysis in Duluth, MN but at Foreverbare Electrolysis the price for electrolysis is just $25 for a 15 minute session and up to just $65 for an hour long session.

The competition

In comparison to electrolysis, hair removal by Brazilian wax costs around $30 to $50 for one time, but it lasts only for around 4 weeks before hair grows back. If a person were to continually attend the procedure every 4 weeks, the cost over a 10 year period would range from $2600 – $4300, not to mention the time spent on the procedure itself! Needless to say, that’s a huge investment.

Laser hair removal is another option, but this costs $1700 on an average, according to reviews on realself.com. But keep in mind that it does not guarantee permanent hair removal; it only works on reducing your existing hair growth. People undergoing the procedure will have to undergo repeated consultations and sessions for lasting results, and even then permanent hair removal is not a guarantee.

So…. Why electrolysis?

Electrolysis has the best track record among the available hair removal options because of its method of application. It is performed by inserting a needle probe into the hair follicle (the root of a strand of hair) and applying a current, which in turn kills the follicle completely. There are three methods of application of the current:

  1. Galvanic: In this method, a direct current is applied to the hair follicle converting the natural salts around the hair follicle into Sodium Hydroxide (lye). Heating of the lye will cause it to destroy the hair follicle.
  2. Thermolysis: In this method, an alternating current is applied which vibrates the water molecules around the hair follicle, thereby heating them. This heating of the water molecules destroys the hair follicle.
  3. Blend: A combination of the galvanic and thermolysis method used to kill hard-to-reach follicles.

After the destruction of the follicle, the strand of hair attached to it becomes loose and can easily be plucked out. It is also important to remember that not only is electrolysis the only hair removal method that offers permanent hair removal, it is also the only permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA.

Keep in mind that electrolysis requires great attention to detail, which only an experienced and certified professional will be able to provide. At Forever Bare Electrolysis a certified electrologist will detail a plan for your electrolysis procedure based on your individual requirements.


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