Ways to make electrolysis more comfortable

Hair has a purpose on the human body, though certain patches aren’t meant to be flourished which might scatter a shadow over the appeal. This unsolicited tiny dark strands shall be dealt once and for all using the electrolysis treatment. A tiny probe or needle is inserted into the hair follicle space and the heat energy is delivered to the cell, which destroys the follicle permanently. The incapacitated hair is pulled put using a pair of tweezers. Chemical reactions are also used alternative to heat destruction. But the inconspicuous nature of this treatment keeps it under cover most time even though it has an upper hand over the alternate laser hair removal.  Run this article down and educate yourself to make electrolysis a more comfortable choice for hair removal.

Kick in teeth of myths

Before you step into an electrolysis treatment be mindful about myths related to this procedure. Some say electrolysis is painless like a laser, well it is a subjective choice. A fine needle is passed through your hair follicle with an electric surge, it might give a slightest of drop pain or may not. Anyway, it won’t pull the pain nerve out of you, since pulling a hair out of the head isn’t a risky business. Also, some say electro-laser is much more effective, but ‘hey there is no such treatment, by the way’! It’s electrolysis a separate mode of removal and laser another one. So don’t listen to such bogus recommendations.

Shake hands with professionals only

If you are turning pages of health magazines you might confront hundreds of electrolysis treatment clinics, but their safety and medical grades are yet to be subjected to the law.  Always go with the best in the market. You may ask for a suggestion from your family doctor or medical professional inorder to get into right electrolysis center. Never run behind an advertisement to choose a center, instead use your common sense and do a research about the clinic. Check for personal testimonials and review from an unbiased source. Later get an appointment and visit the facility to makes sure that the clinic is qualified for an electrolysis treatment. Inorder to ensure the medical safety, the center must have the service of a qualified dermatologist to assess each skin type before treatment.

Avoid self-treatment in the middle of a session.

It is strictly warned to avoid any sort of dermatological treatment in between an electrolysis session. During the process, the electrologist might advise discontinuing the use of skin creams, face wash or other unction’s to rule out any possibility of skin infection. Also, give extra care to the electrolyzed skin region to avoid any infection since during the process minute injuries may happen to the skin.

Consult a professional before the treatment.

For people with a medical disposition, it would be a wise choice to consult a dermatology professional before the electrolysis or any hair removal treatment. There are certain parameters to be taken care before a treatment which might reduce any risk in the future. All electrolysis centers practice a patch test on a small area on the skin to see if the individual’s skin react positively towards it.

So that’s it, give a wise throw and take an easy point!

Why are some people hairy?

Imagine a totalitarian world like the one in the 2014 movie, “The Giver” – free of suffering, pain and choices; the only requirement is that one should not be different. Thankfully, we don’t live in such a world. In this world everyone is different and unique, by choice or otherwise. And do you realize what one of the quickest (yet mostly ignored) way of recognizing someone is? By their hair, of course.

Did you know that one of the most noticeable differences in one’s hair is their hair pattern? Some have long hair, some have short hair, some have dark hair, and some have blond hair. But why so many differences? How did they come to be?

So… How where did all our hair go?

There are many theories about why we shed most of our hair. It is possible we shed hair to reduce the instances of lice infections, or as the Earth warmed over the last few thousand years, we shed hair to control body temperature (less hair on the body means more sweat which helps in cooling the body). It is possible that the reasons for changes in hair growth varied with geographical locations. Species in colder climates may have developed more hair than those in warmer climates. An outlandish theory even states that at some point in our evolution we became a semi-aquatic species and replaced body hair with body fat. Needless to say, paleontological evidence for such a species is still lacking.

What about hair growth?

In 2005, the International Journal of Dermatology published a study which studied 511 male and female volunteers. It found that the average rate of hair growth was 4 inches per year for Africans, 5 inches per year for Caucasians and 6 inches per year for Asians. Other studies show how hair density differs in different races. In fact, it has been noted that Asians have a much lower chance of balding than Africans and Caucasians, with Caucasians having the greatest chance. The period of hair growth also varies in different races – Asian hair can have a growth cycle of nine years, while African and Caucasian hair growth cycles vary between three to seven years.

So then is it all about genes?

It would be irresponsible to blame genetics alone for that receding hair line. Our bodies first produce vellus hair, which is difficult to see but very useful for our body’s temperature control. As the human body matures, hormones like testosterone convert the vellus hair to terminal hair, which is dark and is what’s responsible for forming beards in men. Some factors like malnutrition, ill-health or even genetics can affect this transition, by causing each follicle to react differently. These differences are the reason why a person who is balding does not go completely bald at once – it’s a slow process.

Studies have shown that stress can also adversely affect hair growth and can lead to premature balding. Extreme stress can stop hair growth and cause it to fall off. Some scientists believe that that UV exposure and heat also affect hair growth on a day – to – day basis.

Faulty follicle reaction can also lead to full facial hair growth and this condition is known as hypertrichosis. This condition is rare but there are living examples such as Fajardo Aceves Jesus Manuel of Mexico. In women, the availability of excess hormones during menopause causes a spurt of facial hair growth.

Regardless of all these theories and differences, it is important to note that modern technology has make it possible to control this hair growth as you deem fit. You have hair re-bonding for permanent hair growth, while processes like electrolysis give you permanent riddance of body hair.



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Professional Certification in electrolysis and why it is important

It is imperative to ascertain the ability of your electrologist before subjecting yourself to an electrolysis treatment. This method, done by inserting a fine needle probe into the hair follicle and sending a current to destroy the follicle, could be ineffective in providing permanent hair removal if done incorrectly. Not to mention the fact that an incorrect procedure might give you permanent scarring on your skin!

What’s a Professional certification and why is it important?

To help ascertain the fact that the electrologist you visit is a professional, it is important to enquire their about certifications. But what’s a certification? Quite simply – a certification of your electrologist shows that their knowledge of the process of hair removal has been measured against a national standard of excellence. Which, in the lay man’s terms, means that they’re good to go!

Many States mandate that electrologists have a license or a certification before they can preform electrolysis. If you live in a State without such a requirement, it will be smart to ask the electrologist about professional certification from an accredited school (if not an association).

The Correct procedure

The effectiveness of the electrolysis depends greatly on the skill of the electrologist. There are three phases of hair growth (anagen, catagen and telagen), and electrolysis is most effective when done during the anagen (growing) phase. A skilled electrologist will schedule your sessions so as to be able to operate on the hair during your anagen phase, which in turn will lead to a complete permanent hair removal.

In some cases, the hair follicle may have been deformed by prior attempts at hair removal. Electrolysis becomes extremely difficult in this situation but a professional will be able to deal with the situation effectively. Similarly, the number of treatments and the volt of current administered depend greatly on various factors such as skin type, pain tolerance, etc. An experienced electrologist will be able to assess the situation accurately and determine the treatment parameters for you accordingly.

Cleanliness: An important difference between a professional and a fake

Hygiene is of great importance in this field. An electrologist working with needles that penetrate the skin of many clients can endanger the health of many others, if their facility is not kept clean. Infections, ranging from mild rashes to severe abscesses, can result from the use of unclean equipment. A professional electrologist will follow stringent rules to ensure the health of clients, and will always have adequate sterilizing equipment in their clinics. Professionals also always use gloves when working on a client, as well as make use of disposable needles for their procedures.

When in doubt, Ask questions

A certified electrologist is always willing to answer any questions posed by their clients regarding the electrolysis and sterilization procedures. You’re also encouraged to visit the clinics of various professionals before narrowing down to one specific clinic. This will allow you to experience first-hand the cleanliness and the professionalism of the electrologist. They should be able to assess your situation accurately and provide you with a clear description of the process that should be followed.

Don’t be duped

Getting duped by fake practitioners is an unfortunate, and very real, possibility. The American Electrology Association (AEA) states, There are many salons and other businesses that advertise as “electrologist” or “permanent hair removal” but instead offer temporary hair removal or hair reduction. The only method that offers permanent hair removal is “needle electrolysis,” so ask if that specific service is provided. Look for AEA membership as all AEA members perform true needle electrolysis.”


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Electrolysis: Price v/s The Competition in Duluth, MN

Men and women alike have become increasingly conscious about their personal appearances, and today’s beauty standards dictate that excess hair is a big no-no. Thanks to advancement in modern technology, many options have been created to remedy this. Today, people can choose from shaving, waxing, laser hair removal and electrolysis to get rid of their body hair. But for those who didn’t know, electrolysis is the only option that has proven to provide permanent hair removal.

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Electrolysis for transgender people in Duluth, MN

An increasing number of people like to have a say in how they look, tweak their eyebrows, trim their hairlines, work on their nose hairs or eliminate unsightly strands of hair. But did you know that maintaining one’s appearances is not just limited to men and women? There’s a third, and often ignored, category of transsexuals.

For transsexuals, the mismatch between their mental gender and their physical gender creates an unimaginable amount of confusion and depression in their minds. It is impossible to change their sexual identity (as what they believe themselves to be), but it’s possible to change one’s physical appearance to reflect one’s identity. This is why a lot of people undergo Gender Reassignment surgery. By the time transsexualism is recognised, understood or accepted by a person, it is possible that features unique to either gender have already developed in those people.

For transsexuals with a female identity and a male body, the growth of excessive hair on the body and face can prove to be a difficult situation. Hormone therapy will reduce the growth of future hair, but cannot eliminate hair already present on their bodies. In such situations, electrolysis is the only process for them which can provide a permanent solution to their problem.

And those of you worried, don’t be. Transsexualism is not an obscure concept any more, and most professional electrologists are well aware of it. The best way of making sure that you and your electrologist are comfortable with each other would be by securing an appointment and explaining the situation to them.  It is highly possible that the electrolysis practitioner has already worked on other transsexual clients, which would be a huge relief to new clients. And they may also be able to provide referrals to other doctors, estheticians, psychiatrists or psychologists, if at all required.

It is important that a client provides their electrologist with information about surgical protocols or program details after their Gender Reassignment Surgery. The timing of the process is very important; the hair removal should be timed precisely in between the hormone treatments so as to get the best results. A truly committed electrologist will collaborate with the client’s doctor for the entire period.

In adults, hair becomes strongly rooted and this proves to be a challenge. It is important that your electrologist explains the possibility of skin damage, as this will affect the choice of your treatment parameters and methods. There are three methods or modalities of electrolysis – galvanic, thermolysis and blend. The galvanic method has the greatest chance of skin damage, so thermolysis is preferred for transsexuals. But keep in mind that this is more painful than the blend method. Your electrologist will be able to design a treatment plan that will use a combination of thermolysis and blend methods, to suit the your unique requirements and pain tolerance.

Removal of hair on the genital area is also possible through this process. An experienced electrologist will be able to judge the requirements, perform effective removal of hair and prescribe remedies to alleviate any pain. After the process, inflammation and infection is possible, but they can be controlled via medicines.

So, you see, with the combination of electrolysis and hormone therapy, unnecessary hair can be completely eliminated in transsexuals.


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Why is sanitization of electrolysis equipment important?

Electrolysis, as a method for permanent hair removal, has been in use since 1875. Over a period of time, it has come to be recognized as an Allied Health Profession, and standards have been developed for the same by state organizations as well as national organizations like the American Electrology Association (AEA). And today, electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal that is recognized by the FDA.

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Electrolysis vs Laser Hair removal for men

Men care more about their appearance than ever before. Showering with soap and water used to be enough but for today’s man that’s just not the case. Over the past few decades, numerous types of body hair removal have been developed or modernized, with a majority of them being only temporary. But we do have hair removal methods like laser and electrolysis which provide permanent hair removal.

And today, we’ll discuss – Electrolysis or Laser?

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Here’s Why You Should Dump Your Home Electrolysis Kit Right Now.

You might be enticed to purchase affordable electrolysis over the Internet, thinking that they are extremely convenient (and affordable) techniques of permanent hair removal for you. Add to the fact that professional electrolysis machines cost considerably more than these cheap at-home kits, you’d understand why so many people opt for these at-home kits. But when has anything cheap ever been good?

Are you 100% certain the techniques and kits used by you are safe and FDA approved? As per several reports, the FDA has approved very few home laser treatment devices, and currently all of the machines available in the market have not been approved by the FDA! With the help of this article, I hope to share with you why it’s imperative to seek professional help in performing an invasive procedure like electrolysis, and whether or not other alternatives can be considered as appropriate.

Presently, the two types of electrolysis devices or kits are flooding the market. They are –

  1. Transdermal Electrolysis Kits

Though this type of product is promoted in the market as an electrolysis machine, be careful because all that glitters is not gold. These machines claim to permanently remove hair with the help of an electric current that is applied to the skin, which is supposed to damage your hair follicles.

But since this machine is non-invasive, there is very little chance that its electric charges will ever reach the hair follicle. In fact, there is hardly any scientific evidence that supports the claims of the transdermal electrolysis machine’s wonders. There is absolutely no reliable study to prove that the machine is in any way effective for permanent hair removal, which in turn makes it as good as a snake oil remedy.

  1. Probe Home Electrolysis

This technology uses a probe to deliver electric current to the hair follicle to damage it. You begin by inserting a needle of the thickness of a hair strand by boring a tiny hole in your skin without damaging the skin. Even though the probe home electrolysis devices are supported with springs and deliver a maximum jolt of 9V as precautionary measures to ensure that the probe does not puncture the skin too deep or the current is within safe limits, no professional will ever recommend the machine to you.

Due to manual and technical errors in using this technology, there is a very high risk that you may suffer permanent skin damage (like scarring). And when used by an untrained person, especially first timers, this process can prove to be more harmful than useful. Even though the primary concern is the possibility that these machines will permanently damage the skin, there’s also a very high possibility that the machines will be unable to satisfy your requirement of permanent hair removal. There are too many risks associated with this ‘at-home technology’ and no possible advantage associated with it. There’s really no point in using it.



Here’s Why Should You Invest In Professional Hair Removal Techniques

Do you know why professional grade electrolysis machines are ideal choices for permanent hair removal? Because professional grade electrolysis machines have a high voltage range that makes them more effective in their purpose of damaging hair follicles permanently. The higher the voltage (within a limit), the more successful the follicle damage is.

These professional machines are also easily programmable and can be automated to perform particular tasks again and again. For example, you can program the machine once according to the area that is being treated and you can keep using that setting until the desired area has been worked on.

The only disadvantage associated with professional grade electrolysis machines is that they are comparatively expensive. But when have you ever heard of anything good coming at a cheap price? Needless to say that before you use a professional grade machine, it is extremely important that you acquire enough knowledge of the procedure to make sure you use it correctly. This will ensure you do not suffer from easily avoidable side effects. Apart from that, these machines have no disadvantages associated with them.

Remember that professional electrolysis machines reduce your risks of damage and increase your chances of successful hair removal. But such is not the case with home-based machines. Even though these kits demand a low investment and offer you the convenience of using them in the comfort of your own home, there is no assurance that you will achieve permanent hair removal with the help of these machines, contrary to what they advertise.

And if you do end up with permanent skin damage, you’ll end up paying obscene amounts of money to your doctor to get rid of scars, which despite your best efforts may never fade away. So, if you want to rid yourself of all worries and save your skin from damage, investing in an expensive professional electrolysis technique is definitely worth it.

On the other hand, a professional grade machine used by a trained and licensed electrolysis technician ensures you permanent hair removal while simultaneously taking care not to harm your delicate skin.


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